[The App Developers] Meet Obinna Onungwa

Name: Obinna (Obi) Onungwa

Profession: Founder, Cue

Age: 28

I have contributed to my industry by: creating Cue, an app designed to help people find, book, rate and pay top barbers throughout the world. iOS users should search for “Cue Barber” in the App Store and prepare for the grooming experience of a lifetime!

Barber shops are more than a place to get your haircut. They have become a place of social interaction, public discourse and in many instances public forums. On a Saturday morning you will hear open debates, people voicing public concerns, and engaging citizens in discussions about today’s issues. Beyond the rhetoric, trips to the barber shop as a young kid are also influential in helping shape male identity.

Relocating to a unfamiliar city can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you moved for a fresh start in your career, a new job, or school a haircut is one thing you will always need no matter what city you land in. Obinna (Obi) Onungwa created the Cue app so that people can easily find a barbershop close by. Have you ever found yourself in need of a haircut yet clueless on where to begin your search? Cue is a curated community of premier barbers in major cities throughout the world. Through the app Barbers can reach new clients, receive payments and solicit client feedback. On the flip side clients can find and favorite barbers, join their queues, pay for haircuts electronically and leave feedback.

The market for mobile apps is big, and it is just going to keep on getting bigger. As technology expands to meet the needs of consumers Onungwa has a developed a way for both the barber and the person in need of a haircut to benefit. “It is important that BE Modern Men like me are represented in App Development because it is vital that we utilize technology to solve problems, create wealth and spearhead new industry,” says Onungwa.

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