BE Modern Man Spotlights - App Developers: Meet Obinna Onungwa

[The App Developers] Meet Obinna Onungwa

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Beat Makers - Obinna Onungwa
Obinna Onungwa, Cue App. Photo credit: Marshall Roach

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Beat Makers - Obinna Onungwa
Obinna Onungwa, Cue App. Photo credit: Marshall Roach

Tech disruptors are changing the way we connect, do business, and gather information, but many of our significant contributions go unheard in silicon valley. “Our entrepreneurial stories need to be magnified so that our positive impact can be experienced all throughout the world,” Onungwa tells BE Modern Man.

The Cue mobile app will undoubtedly bring barbers and clients together locally. But on a more global scale, Onungwa hopes to be a positive example for black and brown communities throughout the world and specifically NYC. “With the assistance of my colleagues, I hope to create channels for effective mentorship by young professionals and entrepreneurs to high school students in some of the more challenged schools in NYC.”

For far to long young men of color have been exposed to the dominating narrative that music and athletics are the only path to success. While there is nothing wrong with pursuing these avenues it is also important for young men of color to explore various paths to success. “It is critical that we highlight diverse examples of successful men to inspire the next generation to reach further,” Onungwa tells BE Modern Man. “It is vital that positive black male images are perpetuated in American (and Global) media to properly frame the genius that exists in us all.”

Changing the way people search for barber shops is a simple but effective platform that has many benefits. You may have just moved to a new area, or you could just simply be vacationing and need a fresh cut. Whatever your situation cue up Onungwa’s Cue app and find top rated barbers near by that fit your needs. “To me a BE Modern Man represents autonomy, creativity and expression for entrepreneurs of color.”

The team congratulates Obi Onungwa for his innovative thinking, and willingness to create effective channels of mentorship for young men of color.

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