8 Apps to Ease Your Travel Anxiety

8 Apps to Ease Your Travel Anxiety

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What to pack, what to leave home? Checking in suitcases among other things will no doubt take away a pretty penny from your travel budget. It’s one of the most conflicting moments of travel planning; not even the most innovative app will stop you from adding your favorite lynx despite your destination’s mild weather forecast. And so, while every inch of your essentials could translate to a shift in your budget, isn’t it heaven sent that you can pack earth moving travel apps without adding a milligram to your baggage? Here is a list of the 10-most useful apps to pack on your smartphone this holiday from Jovago.com, Africa‘s leading Online Hotel Booking.

Airports By TravelNerd

Packing may be stressful, but at least you are packing what you already have. Airport lounges can be pretty busy, and confusing in equal measures. This app, available on iOS is a comprehensive resource for travelers on the go; you can catch a taxi to your hotel/destination as well as locate the same on the app. As if this isn’t cool enough, the app will also help you locate the nearest caffeine-fix hub to ease off the jet lag on layovers.

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