The Best in Beauty, Fitness, and Wellness Tech at CES 2016

The Best in Beauty, Fitness, and Wellness Tech at CES 2016


Vendors and manufacturers vied for attention at this year’s CES but it was health and fitness technology that dominated. In fact, a significant portion of the booths in the expanse of the Las Vegas Convention Center were ones with gadgets and tech dedicated to wellness and health.

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Health and wellness technology has been influenced by the development of two underlying technologies: apps and wearables. With apps, users can keep track of their progress on their journeys to a healthier lifestyle. And the wearables market increased more than 57% from 2014-2015. By 2018, it’s estimated that over 80 million adults will use some sort of wearable for health and wellness.

That’s a sizable market. The innovation in wellness tech was fully front and center at CES. From the latest Fitbit device called Fitbit Blaze, to baby tech that will tell you if baby’s diaper is dry or wet, there was an array of devices all devoted to health and fitness. Take a look through the slideshow for some of the standout wellness technology products on display at CES:

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