“The Best Man” Sequel Slated for Christmas Release

“The Best Man” Sequel Slated for Christmas Release

Here’s a late Valentine’s Day gift for fans of The Best Man: the classic romantic comedy is finally getting a sequel!

Fourteen years after the release of the original film, starring Taye Diggs as an up-and-coming author caught between his old flame (Nia Long) and his current love (Sanaa Lathan), Long confirms that a sequel is in the works and slated for a Christmas release.

“I’m getting ready to play Jordan Armstrong again,” the actress tells Urban Daily, referring to her cult favorite character of a romantically complex book publisher. “We start [shooting] in April, so I’m excited to relive Jordan. She’s very feisty, very organized, and knows what she wants. She’s all about business. But I think you’re going to see her find her heart in the sequel. That’s her big challenge.”

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