The Center Of Success

Are you among those already struggling to achieve those New Year’s resolutions? Compared to the few who are on target, do you wonder why a select group of people always seem to succeed? The more important question is …Why can’t you?

First off, stop comparing yourself to others, cautions motivational speaker and author Valorie Burton in her book Why Not You? 28 Days to Build Authentic Confidence (WaterBrook Press; $13.99). Burton contends that a lack of authentic confidence is what keeps most people from attaining their goals. “Those people we place on a pedestal of success often aren’t more equipped, but they are bolder in their belief in themselves,” she says.

In addition, a 50-question confidence quotient assessment is offered to help readers identify which four confidence levels they embody: lack of confidence (full of fear, doubt, and insecurity; your low self-esteem causes others to think you’re shy); circumstantial confidence (based on where you live, who you know, how you look, or other superficialities); partial confidence (having authentic confidence in your relationships, for example, but lacking it in your finances); and authentic confidence (self-confidence built on a foundation of faith).

Burton guides readers through a 28-day journey of personal discovery and growth with advice akin to that of both a therapist and pastor, all in the effort of cultivating genuine confidence in them. Each chapter includes a prayer, journaling opportunity, and an action-oriented exercise to keep readers actively engaged throughout the confidence-building experience. Taking on the challenge of this book to positively impact your own life requires a good deal of self-reflection, equal measures of honesty and courage, and a lot of faith.

Don’t think you possess authentic confidence? Cultivate this unyielding belief in yourself right now. Here are a few tips from the book to help kick off a personal
transformation and see your goals through to fruition:

Be willing to fail. Step out on faith and, even if you fall short, see the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. This process develops inner strength and courage.

Control your thoughts. When doubts or temptations arise, do not allow them to control you. Rather than acting on impulse, pause for a few moments and identify the action that will actually move you closer to your goal-then proceed.

Don’t waver in your authenticity. Let go of the need to please others. Ground yourself in your faith and your purpose in order to fulfill your own destiny.