The Craziest Tech and Sights at CES 2016

The Craziest Tech and Sights at CES 2016

Another Consumer Electronics Show is underway. CES is the annual ‘geek pilgrimage’ to Las Vegas; a dizzying, exhausting, and often downright strange, show of technology ranging from the truly innovative to the downright ridiculous.

CES dominates Las Vegas the first week of January, with showcases, demos, meetings, and events taking place from the farthest reaches of the Vegas strip to the entirety of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Fitness and wearables were a large part of the tech that was shown off. From machines that tell you information as detailed as how much visceral fat is on your body, to FitBit’s latest offering: the Fitbit Blaze — health and wellness technology was a huge highlight this year.

Virtual reality, drones, audio technology, cars…there was something of interest for everyone at CES. The show seems to get stranger every year. Take a look at the slideshow for the craziest, most interesting tech and sights at CES 2016.