Director of the Chicago Film Office Beaten and Robbed Outside His Home ‘By Three Kids’

Director of the Chicago Film Office Beaten and Robbed Outside His Home ‘By Three Kids’

The director of the Chicago Film Office, an appointee of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, took to Facebook to reveal the brutal attack he suffered.

“This [morning] I was attacked, beaten, and my car stolen by three kids,” Kwame Amoaku shared in a Facebook post.

“Thanks to all who have reached out. I’m in the ICU. I’m going to be OK.”

The post included a photo showing Amoaku lying in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace, with one arm heavily bandaged. The appointed official was attacked around 7:46 a.m. Wednesday, Reel Chicago reports.

Police say Amoaku noticed three young males inside his car as he walked toward it to confront the intruders. The suspects responded by beating Amoaku with various objects before fleeing in a gray Dodge Caravan that waited nearby.

“The victim confronted the offenders, who then began battering the victim with various objects,” the Chicago Police Department said in an incident report.

According to the police, the suspects left and returned to the scene moments later to continue beating Amoaku before robbing the victim and leaving a second time.

The suspects stole Amoaku’s personal belongings and left him badly injured. Fox News reports that he was taken to a hospital in serious but stable condition with a head injury and fractured arm.

On Friday, Amaoku’s daughter took to Facebook to give an update on her father’s condition.

“My dad was viciously attacked outside his home,” Amoaku’s daughter wrote on Facebook.

“He will be unable to work or cook for himself. Please donate if you are able. You never think this would happen to your family. Until it does.”

Lightfoot appointed Amoaku to The Chicago Film Office in July 2019. The office leads the city’s involvement with the production of feature films, television series, commercials, documentaries, and all forms of local screen entertainment shot in Chicago.