Five Career Tips From Episode 4 of VH1's 'The Gossip Game'

Episode 4: Five Career Tips From VH1’s The Gossip Game

gossip game cast
Cast, The Gossip Game (Image: VH1)

VH1’s The Gossip Game follows seven urban media professionals, as they navigate their way through the New York entertainment industry. From Power 105 to the Source Magazine, these women are on top of their game. However, there is a lot to be learned from how these women interact with each other both personally and professionally.

Here are five career tips from last night’s episode of The Gossip Game.

1. Use Your Resources

It’s no secret that Vivian Billings is a “budding” blogger in the hip-hop world, and it’s even less of a secret that she benefits from her friendship with Power 105 personality, Angela Yee. In last night’s episode, Viv had no problem calling a meeting with her industry BFF, and asking for a shout out on Power 105’s radio show after providing Angela with an alleged scoop on radio rival, K. Foxx. But when you’re trying to make it in such a cutthroat industry, there’s no shame in asking for a little help up the entertainment ladder.

2. Eat A Piece Of That Humble Pie

Last week, Ms. Drama seemed to be the target of The Gossip Game cast, but as the show went on, it seemed like it was for good reason. It takes years for people to know your name, know your work and respect you for it, so while you might get the occasional, “Hello,” or “I’ve been following your work,” that doesn’t mean you’re about to be on Jay-Z status. If multiple people approach you to tell you, “Calm it down,” you might want to listen before it’s too late.

After last night’s episode, it’s evident Ms. Drama isn’t the only one who needs to eat some humble pie. Sharon made sure she repeated to half the cast that she used to work for BBC and CNN, making her a “real journalist” as opposed to others featured on the show. Jasfly’s favorite quote last night became “Google me,” but by the looks of Twitter, some are asking, “For what?” In this industry, the humble journalist gets a little farther, the difference is he or she isn’t talking about it.

3. A Blogger Is Not Necessarily A Journalist

With everyone flocking to the Internet for information these days, it’s easy to confuse legit, factual reporting with random thought and opinion. As many bloggers might think of themselves as writers—and may even find a way to build a successful brand because of it—the fact remains that not all bloggers are professional journalists, nor do they adhere to professional rules of fact checking, ethics and sourcing. And Viv agrees.

“I’m not a journalist, I’m a blogger,” she told K. Foxx when debating a potential rumor-filled story. Once both parties can agree to the difference, the entertainment world would be a better place.

4. Check Your Facts

Whenever approaching someone about anything, make sure you check the facts before cosigning the information. Sharon was convinced Jasfly did one thing, but didn’t check the facts before mentioning her credentials. Thus, she was quickly corrected on her information. It happens all the time. Magazines publish retraction letters, online publications produce “story updates” and everyone else just gets corrected in person. Fact-checking is vital, so never leave home without doing it.

5. Don’t Use The Term “Friend” So Loosely

Some people in business are not your friend. You may attend events together, you may eat dinner together, you may even catch the occasional movie together, but just because someone is smiling in your face when you’re around doesn’t mean they’re doing the same thing when your back is turned. In last night’s episode, Ms. Drama had to confront Angela Yee and Sharon Carpenter because she thought they were her friends, but that wasn’t the case when she was away. Moral of the story, know your “frenemies.”