Tika Sumpter and Nicholas James Get Married in Mexico

‘The Have and the Have Nots’ Stars Tika Sumpter and Nicholas James Get Married in Mexico

Tika Sumpter

After meeting on the set of The Haves and the Have Nots, actors Tika Sumpter and Nicholas James finally tied the knot in Mexico.

The two onscreen stars exchanged their vows on May 14 in Cabo San Lucas, Brides reports. The wedding came after seven years of dating and welcoming their daughter Ella in 2016.

“We’re excited to be together and continue the journey,” Sumpter said.

“We both walked down the aisle with clear eyes, knowing that the wedding wasn’t just for the party. It was really for us.”

Tika Sumpter and Nicholas James

The couple hosted a destination wedding at the Chileno Bay Resorts & Residences and Auberge Resorts Collection to give their guests a mini-vacation away from their home in California.

“[We wanted everyone] to have a good time and celebrate this long, amazing journey that we’ve had,” Sumpter said. “I didn’t necessarily always want a destination wedding. It was just something that came to my mind.”

“One of our first trips out of the country was Anguilla, and Mexico definitely has that beautiful, island vibe, so we were like why not do it in Cabo?” she added.

The pair first met on the set of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots in 2015. It was clearly love at first sight as they ended up engaged just two years later.

“I remember seeing him and thinking, ‘OK, he’s cute,'” Sumpter told Rolling Stone last July. “We saw each other a few more times, and I realized, OK, it’s more than just cute; I kinda like him.”

She admits it took James a little while to catch on to her crush. “I tried flirting and giving him signals, but he just didn’t get it,” she shared.

In August 2016, Sumpter announced her pregnancy on Instagram. By October, the actors were sharing their joy about welcoming their baby girl.


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Now, Sumpter is excited to finally be able to call James her husband.

“I don’t know how much is going to change with the newlywed stamp. It’s going to be fun to call Nick my husband and hear him call me his wife,” she said.

“I think we just cemented what we already are, and all of our friends were witnesses to that. It’s a continuation of the journey, but I’m looking forward to doing what we’ve been doing, which is making sure that we have a solid foundation,” she continued. “Making sure we’re strong. It’s not a sprint, this journey, it’s definitely not a sprint.”