The Importance of Moving Your Business Forward--NOW

The Importance of Moving Your Business Forward–NOW

Many of you are sitting there, right now, with an idea that could change lives. You’re sitting on a gold mine. You, and you alone, hold the key to that one fundamental business that will evolve your neighborhood, industry, peers, society, or the world. It’s all yours. What will it take for you to use your unique key to open the door to your future?

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Black Enterprise is looking for you–and whether you realize it or not, you’re looking for Black Enterprise too. On May 4—7, entrepreneurs, just like you, will gather at the Loews Hotel Miami in Miami, Florida, for three days of learning and implementing feasible strategies to get their businesses off the ground. Attendees will learn how to operate small while supplying big, take advantage of one-on-one coaching on crafting your game plan, learn the ABCs of seed fundraising, and how to drive sales using social media technology. You’ll develop, protect, and profit from your ideas, and decide on an exit strategy that benefits you and your business, if you’re at that point. You’ll find strategic ways to navigate your niche to make big bucks in specialized markets while seeking investors for your big idea. It’s all right there waiting for you. You just have to step into it.

There may be something–must be something–holding you back. Loosen its grip. Motivational powerhouse, founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Lisa Nichols, stopped by the 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit to stress the importance, as an entrepreneur, of leaving an impression on the people that you touch–to leave your fingerprint on the planet we all share.  She set out to remind you:

  • In looking to find courage to pursue your business, your dream, always remember that you don’t have to find what you already have. That courage is residing right there in you.
  • Do the best you can with what you have today–when you know more, do more, but play full out today.
  • Stop making sexy excuses on why you choose to sit down on your job.
  • Are you willing to be impactful?

Well….are you?

If you’re not yet convinced, allow Nichols to further inspire you:

You feel it, don’t you? The realization of possibility. Register now for the 2016 BE Entrepreneurs Summit, May 4-7, Loews Hotel Miami, Miami, Florida, and watch your entrepreneurial dream come true.

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