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The Last Stand: Presidential Debate #3

qualified to lead the country, Obama says Palin is a capable politician that has excited the Republican parties base.

McCain says that Biden is qualified, but has been wrong on foreign policy issues which is supposed to be his strength.

9:38pm – Ayers and ACORN

McCain says he doesn’t care about some washed up terrorists, but about Acorn an organization that according to McCain is destroying the fabric of democracy with “voter fraud.”

Obama is addressing Bill Ayers. He says that he condemns Ayers Acts during the 1960s. He says that he served with Ayers and other Republicans on the board of the Annenberg Challenge. In terms of ACORN, Obama says that the only involvement he had was when he represented them alongside the U.S. Justice Department on “Motor Voter” laws. “Democrats and Republicans have shaped my ideas and will serve with me in the White House,” says Obama.

My campaign is about getting this country back on track and creating jobs for America, says McCain, not about who Obama associates with.

9:26 – Nasty Words

The moderator accuses both candidates of running “nasty” campaigns. He asks them how will they change that.

McCain says that Sen. Obama would not respond to his requests to town hall meetings. He also says he regrets the negative aspects of the campaign. He says he will run a truthful campaign and accuses Sen. Obama of spending more money on negative campaigns then any campaign in American history. He also called Obama on refusing campaign finance money.

Obama says that 100% of McCain’s ads have been negative. He says the American people are less interested in our hurt feelings than in them addressing the issues. I know I will be attacked over the next four weeks says Obama. He says that these issues will not change America’s economic policies. Obama hit McCain where it hurt. Since McCain reminded everyone about Ayers, Obama reminded everyone that McCain’s own campaign said publicly that if they continue to talk about economics then McCain will lose.

McCain says that Sen. Obama is spending unprecendented amounts of money for negative ads on him.

Congressman Lewis said he was troubled by things said at a McCain rally. McCain felt like  “When my name came up people would yell “Terrorist” or “Kill him” and McCain’s running mate did not say anything.” Obama says that all American people see is tit for tat and back and forth when they want to see them talk about policies. “When people suggest that I pal around with terrorists, we are not talking about issues,” says Obama.

9:21 -Reform on Spending and Special Interests

“I am not president Bush if you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run 8 years ago,” says McCain. “I will balance our budgets.  Americans are hurting tonight and they want a new direction. I can take them in a new direction by eliminating spending.” McCain says he