The Limited Spotlights More than 60 Female Bosses in 'The New Look of Leadership' Campaign

‘The Limited’ Spotlights More than 60 Female Bosses in ‘The New Look of Leadership’ Campaign

Image: The Limited
Image: The Limited

For its ‘The New Look of Leadership’ campaign, The Limited is ditching your favorite celebrities and female models for every day women who are unapologetically dominating their career field.

Calling upon more than 60 diverse female bosses from various professional fields, including business, health, entertainment, government and technology, the retail brand is using its latest campaign; which launches Sept. 9, to embrace female empowerment and redefine what it means to be a leader today.

“Leading looks like a woman, and seeing The Limited include diversified looks of female leadership is amazing, inspiring, and beautiful all around,” says author, journalist, radio personality and activist Raqiyah Mays, who serves as one of the faces of the new campaign.

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Tiffany Dufu, chief leadership officer at the Levo League, is one of the leaders of the campaign and tells that, for her, leadership is “understanding you can be one of the most powerful change agents in your own journey.” After receiving an email invitation to participate as a leader in the retail brand’s new platform, Dufu says she immediately resonated with the concept and said yes.

“One of the barriers we have when we think of leaders is male, straight and white, and I feel you can’t be what you can’t see. So, I love this idea of real women who are extraordinary and who are diverse, so that when other women see this campaign they can say, ‘Wow that’s me,'” added Dufu.

As part of its campaign goal to inspire women to Lead an Unlimited Life and fearlessly follow their dreams, the retail brand is also launching two new clothing collections aimed at the professional women. The Limited Luxe Collection, available in select stores and online Sept. 23, will feature sophisticated apparel and accessories for professional women. Meanwhile, The Limited Lounge Collection, available online Sept. 3 and in stores Sept. 9, will include more relaxed and casual apparel for the working women.