The Luxe Shop

Celebrity stylist Misa Hylton never wanted just a fashion e-commerce business; she wanted a luxury online boutique where shoppers would feel engaged by an experience.

Frustrated by her own encounters shopping online, she endeavored to offer her customers rare, “show-stopping” items by little or unknown designers in a clutter-free environment. Madison is that place. With items that range from $90 to $1,300, the site offers clothing that changes seasonally and ranges from handbags and belts to dresses, tops, jackets and shoes–all artfully photographed without the use of models or props.

“I wanted to provide items that you couldn’t find anywhere else and still access the types of clothes that I would typically provide for my clients,” Hylton explains. “Celebrities like to start trends, to be refreshing, interesting, and exciting. Everyone knows where to find known designers. I wanted to offer something different.”

Hylton’s talent for finding extraordinary accessories and bold designs has been much of her styling appeal throughout her career since the early ’90s. Having worked with a variety of celebrities, including Mary J. Blige, Kimora Lee Simmons, Serena Williams, Queen Latifah, Chris Rock, Missy Elliott, and Diddy, the 32-year-old, has also been credited with inspiring the current high-fashion styling of hip-hop artists.
On her site, Hylton is intimately involved in selecting and presenting items to her new and growing cyber clientele. “I do all the shopping,” she says. “And I love everything I select. I love detail and accessories and clothing that makes a statement.”

This fall, Hylton plans to launch a signature denim and T-shirt line. A mother of three, she adores the flexibility of this business–for her and her customers. Hylton can track progress early in the morning before her children awake, after they’ve gone to school, and in the evenings when they are in bed. She has also received sales orders from as far as Kuwait. “I would not have been able to receive such an international clientele with a boutique in Manhattan,” she remarks. “I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”