Highlights From the Black Enterprise Women of Power Tech Summit

Hundreds of women at the BLACK ENTERPRISE inaugural Women of Power Tech virtual summit were empowered with the tools, insight, and knowledge needed to thrive in various tech-driven industries.

The two-day digital conference included an all-star lineup of dynamic speakers, executives, and Silicon Valley leaders who talked about their climb to the top of the industry during a variety of sessions, panels, and workshops. Hosted by Ally, Women of Power Tech also included professional coaching to help Black women identify new trends and opportunities and gain new skills.

Here are some of the highlights.

Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John on Career Transitions

Netflix Global Chief Marketing Officer Bozoma Saint John offered a masterclass of information for women looking to power through or to pivot in tech. During a keynote conversation hosted by Ally with Women of Power Chief Brand Officer Caroline V. Clarke, the marketing superstar opened up about navigating in Silicon Valley, shared salary negotiation tips, and how to turn your experiences into a story of success.

“Advice that I have for us and for Black women, in particular, is that we actually have to own our unique ability and our unique experiences–and tout them,” said the marketing executive extraordinaire.

Saint John also talked about the various transitions she’s made throughout her 20-year marketing career, which includes serving in C-suite positions at Endeavor, Uber, Apple Music, and Pepsi-Cola North America.

“I would not say that transitions are ever easy,” she said. “I had to be able to figure out what was going to work for me, what I needed to do in order to advance and to grow because sometimes I couldn’t find those opportunities in the jobs that I was in or at the companies I was in.”


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Apple VP of Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson on Knowing When to Exit 

During another keynote session, Lisa Jackson, the vice president of environment, policy, and social Initiatives at Apple, talked about the importance of knowing your worth in the workplace. The tech veteran also shared insights on when and how to pivot in your career.

“You can do a lot of things on your own, you can put up with a lot…But if your evaluation leads you to believe that you do not have a supportive management structure, you are probably in the wrong place,” said Jackson. She also advised viewers to trust their gut when decided when to make a new career move.

“Ask yourself, ‘is it worth it?’ because walking away feels good and it may be the right decision, but you have to think deeply about that.”

Verizon Director Shellye Archambeau on Owning Your Career

Silicon Valley leader and Verizon Director Shellye Archambeau stressed the importance of owning your career and being intentional about your journey.

“It’s really important as you’re building your career to realize that you own your career. You do, not anybody else. Not your boss, not your manager, not your employees, not your spouse, not your mentors. You own it,” she said during a session hosted by Verizon. “It’s important to take charge of what you own.”



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Entrepreneur Dawn Dickson on Using Tech as Solution

Serial tech entrepreneur Dawn Dickson discussed how she conceptualized and then actualized the development of her two most recent ventures Flat Out of Heels, rollable flat slippers for women, and PopCom, revolutionary software for automated vending machines. She revealed that she came up with Popcom after identifying a problem and then using technology to find a solution.

“I decided to solve my own problem and start PopCom,” she said during the “SistersInc.: Founders Real Talk Roundtable.”

“I had been itching for a big problem to solve.”


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