BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Music Beat-Makers: Meet Carvin Haggins
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Beat Makers - Carvin Haggins

Philadelphia native, Grammy Award Winning Songwriter and Producer Carvin Haggins - Source: Carvin Haggins

For Haggins, excelling in the music industry or in any industry for that matter is simple. “Always bet on you,” says Haggins. “We were all made for a purpose and I say bet on you because most people won’t see your vision until it begins to manifest.” Experiencing his share of obstacles both musically and professionally, Haggins has learned a lesson with every perceived setback. “What I’ve learned is to not fight to hold on to something God is trying to make you let go off,” Haggins tells BE Modern Man. “It will become the cancer to your success. Let go of all anger, malice and grudges because these things become anchors you will be dragging your whole life. This will slow up progress. Learning to forgive and move on will make your life so much more happier and make your vision clearer.”

Clarity and transparency in the music has opened up the windows for Haggins to be recognized and respected for his musical contributions. Being a BE Modern Man is an honor and a privilege,” says Haggins. It means that someone saw that I was fit to be a part of something great so now I have been commissioned to live up to that greatness.”

The team congratulates one of musics most influential producer/songwriters who has cemented himself in music history. Real-life situations, real conversation, honesty, and integrity have helped Haggins produce music that will last a lifetime and we are honored to call him a BE Modern Man.

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