Pinterest: How To Network With The Latest Social Media Craze
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With more than 10 million registered users, it’s hard to ignore the latest social media network craze called Pinterest ( Resembling a digital scrapbook, it has become a place where users share pictures and photos that reflect their interests. It is a site that originally attracted travel, cooking, home designing, and wedding aficionados, but its growth in the last two years has shown that a Pinterest profile can be developed around a wide variety of topics.

With a demographic primarily of women and those between the ages 25 to 34, its population is a little less diverse than other popular social media sites, but it still may create opportunities to professionally connect online in very unique ways. You have to be invited to join after applying and do need a Facebook or Twitter account to get started, but here are five ways Pinterest can assist you in your job search.

Create a visual résumé. You can post photos and images of or related to your work and include links to your online portfolio, especially if you’re in creative industries such as the arts, media, education, beauty, fashion, and interior design. Use boards as a way to showcase completed work as well as what inspires you. For example, a graphic designer could post designed logos; an educator could present images and links for lesson plans or a particular curriculum outline; and a makeup artist could include photos of clients and then create complementary boards to showcase products. Links should be included on your website and business cards.

Do your research. Connect on a deeper level by following the Pinterest boards of human resource directors and hiring managers you are targeting. Some companies post boards centered on human resource and management tips, which in turn can give you insight to the types of professionals they’re interested in attracting and the qualifications they’re looking for. Some even post individual boards for job titles.

Build your professional network. Just like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Pinterest is a way to connect with professionals in your industry and share stories and interests. You can follow other “pinners” and find out what inspires them, which could be a springboard for conversations on other social media platforms as well.

Find job leads. Universities, media companies, recruiters, and other organizations are using Pinterest to post job leads and job-seeker resources. Since it’s a visual tool, usually a photo will be pinned along with an accompanying link. Check out the Pinterest boards of companies such as FlexJobs ( or educational institutions such as the Coppin State University Career Services Center ( to find information on recruitment, links to job boards, and other relevant information for those looking for new opportunities.

Be inspired. From what to wear to an interview to articles and resources on how to make yourself more marketable, you can find it all on Pinterest. Users have created boards for interviewing tips, skills development resources, infographics on hiring and social media stats, and career books and blogs. You can also gather and post your own images and/or links to pictures and strategies that will keep you motivated and driven.