The Season’s Best

Snapshots of memorable moments are artistically arranged and custom designed to tell a personal history or celebrate a particular milestone in what Lauren Clayton calls heirloom books. Her company, Studio 162, offers several compilations, ranging from newsletters to short biographies. In-depth and bound narratives start at $3,000. (

The formula for Clive Christian Perfumes dates back to 1872, but its classic appeal is alluringly modern, offering scents exotic and rare in three popular fragrances: No. 1, the world’s most expensive perfume; 1872; and X. The perfumer has recently packaged them in a carry-all set called the Traveller. Individually, the crystal-encased fragrances range in cost from $185 to $50,000. The set of three 50 ml eau de parfum spray bottles retails for $258.

A legend is honored in a tribute as illustrious as his personality and accomplishments. GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (Taschen; $10,000) weighs 75 pounds, measures 20″x 20″, and is packed with contributions from hundreds of writers and photographers. Intimate stories and more than 3,000 photos in 792 pages cover six decades of Ali’s life and career. Collector’s edition is $3,000; premium edition ranges from $7,000–$10,000.

The Crown Series is the premier line of cigars from Zino Platinium. Crown offers a strong yet balanced taste and an array of aromas from Dominican and Peruvian tobacco leaves that are aged up to five years. There are four types of cigars available in this series: Stretch, Double Grande, Chubby Especial, and the newly introduced Barrel. Prices start at $39. Cases include three cigars.

Its name is an exotic palindrome, Navan, a French Cognac, from the House of Grand Marnier, is richly enhanced by natural black vanilla, a rare spice from Madagascar. Traditionally a complex spirit to blend, the result is a rich, sweet, and spicy liqueur that provides a host of mixing possibilities. $36

It’s diamond-studded and the first classic automatic chronograph by Tag Heuer for women. It’s also their smallest ever at 33 millimeters. $2,195