The Shade is Real: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Megyn Kelly Throw Insults On Twitter

The Shade is Real: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Megyn Kelly Throw Insults On Twitter

Nikole Hannah-Jones and Megyn Kelly put on a show for the Twitter community over the weekend while throwing insults back and forth at each other.

The drama started on Saturday after Kelly expressed her support for a recent U.S. Dept. of Education announcement that pulls back ongoing efforts to teach the race-related curriculum in schools.

“This is great! The ppl pushed back against the feds rewarding schools that teach Kendi & the 1619 project and it worked,” Kelly tweeted. “Remember: the loudest voices on Twitter (which is far-Left)/the news (which is “woke”) do not represent the majority of Americans. Your voice matters.”

With Hannah-Jones being the NY Times writer behind The 1619 Project, it was only appropriate for her to respond to Kelly’s social media shade.

“I guess it’s good you no longer pretend to be a journalist anymore. Be well,” Hannah-Jones tweeted in response.

But Kelly wasn’t ready to back down from the public fight. She shot back at Hannah-Jones and questioned the Howard University professor’s journalism.

“Says the woman who quietly tried to cleanse her dishonest “reporting” without even having the spine to own her shameful errors,” Kelly said. “This is why scholars from the L and R have panned your work as anti-historical & dangerous. It belongs nowhere near K-12 education.”

But Hannah-Jones issued out the final blow making reference to Kelly’s controversial 2013 Fox News report where she claimed that both Jesus and Santa Clause were white.

“If only I’d done penetrating journalism like, Special Report: Santa is White,” Hannah-Jones said in response.

Kelly’s former Fox News show was canceled in 2018 after she comments she defending blackface. The conservative news pundit now appears to be entering into the debate about race-related curriculum in schools in an attempt to bring some attention to her endeavors.

Meanwhile, Hannah-Jones is getting comfortable in her new position at Howard University that came after she turned down UNC-Chapel Hill’s late tenure offer. There was a conservative board member who petitioned against Hannah-Jones receiving tenure and it ultimately resulted in her walking away from their offer altogether.