The Surprising, Simple Benefits of Traveling Alone
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The Surprisingly Simple Benefits of Traveling Alone

There are quite a few perks to traveling alone that may surprise you. While many may shun the idea, there are actually a number of benefits. Solus sabbaticals are an excellent way to replenish, while providing the ability to do so at one’s own pace.

These solitary furloughs serve as a fantastic means to engage in meaningful connections with individuals in other cultures, as well as make for some amazing adventures. Additionally, they remove the hassle of having to select activities and/or divide time between requested group outings.

Although there are extra precautions that one should most definitely take when traveling alone, the bonuses far outweigh the arguments against it. Work with a travel agent or well-seasoned traveler to determine the best location. Select an upscale resort or private property through a reputable source for the holiday of a lifetime.

Here are four more advantages to traveling solo:

1. Time to Replenish

For introverts in particular, the idea of solo time to refuel is most appealing. Even for extroverts, individual journeys can offer a wide range of refreshing advantages.  Traveling alone is ideal for calming, reflective activities. It is perfect for prayer, meditation, or other tranquil, reflective intervals that help quiet the spirit and soothe the soul.

Solo holidays are also fantastic for full spa and/or beach days. Relish in all the goodness that the lux locale has to offer. Indulge in oceanside massages overlooking cliffs, therapeutic body wraps, facials, and dry and steam saunas. Swim in the ocean, read a great book, nap in hammock, or spend a portion of your day people watching. Take a dip in a private infinity pool or recharge amidst the backdrop of a resplendent sunset from a rooftop Jacuzzi tub. There are host of ways to re-energize unaccompanied.

2. Time Is in Your Hand

One of the best parts about one-person missions is that you get to enjoy your entire vacation on your own terms. There’s no deciding what to do or any long, drawn out discussions regarding being somewhere at a set time needed. Dine where you please, when you choose to, and toss out the idea of being late. You get to call all the shots, so roam the area freely and peruse town shops at your leisure.

Set out in search of a tasty, famed local meal, or relax inside and order room service. Reserve a table seaside stag, for a succulent, specially prepared dish. Charter a yacht for the day to whale watch, or rent a fishing boat where you can catch your own dinner to be prepared for you. Dance the day away during Carnival or a music festival, or comb the remnants of an ancient city on a guided tour. Sleep the day away or stay inside and lounge by the television. It is your holiday, so enjoy it your way.

3. Connect With the Local Culture

Delight in the opportunity to immerse yourself freely into the local culture. Hire a personal driver and visit local hangouts and hot spots. Connect with the natives by engaging in purposeful conversation over a meal. Food is one of the fundamental ways to consociate with area residents.

Other recommendations are volunteering with a local organization or to attending a worship service in a centralized community. Offering your time and talents is a munificent way to give back to a land that is welcoming to you. Quite often, open services are available to tourists at various churches, cathedrals, and temples across the globe. So, if you decide to attend, it is important to be respectful of the nation’s religion and culture.

Be adventurous and take public transportation one day to get a feel for everyday life with the people. You’ll make new friends along the way and have some incredible stories to accompany your photos.

4. Try Something New

Snorkel, dive, or take a hot air balloon ride. Schedule language, cooking, or dance lessons. Hike, surf, skydive, or even run with the bulls. Think of things you always desired to accomplish, but had no one to do them with. This is your chance to do exactly what you want to do. Depending upon the location you select, activities and offerings can vary, so be sure to do your homework before booking.

Get your selfie sticks and tripods out and packed, because you are now ready for your first solo travel adventure.