‘The Voice’ Crooner Avery Wilson Talks Following Passion for Music

(Image: AveryWilson.com)

Avery Wilson can’t help it. He’s got talent oozing from every pore. A professionally trained dancer, instrumentalist, pop and R&B crooner, he’s been singing ballads since the age of eight. Avery debuted on the music scene as a celebrated member of Cee Lo Green’s team during season three of the “The Voice.”

Newly signed to Bet I Penned It/RCA Records, this Sean “The Pen” Garrett and Clive Davis protégé has been wooing audiences young and old with his smooth, buttery vocals. While others reach for autotune, Avery simply reaches for a microphone. With his latest single, “If I Have To,” which just debuted on NBC’s “The Voice,” he’s giving his fans the music they have been asking for.

BlackEnterprise.com caught up with this native Hampton, CT crooner to discuss the catalyst for pursuing his dreams and how he is leading the way in the music industry.

BlackEnterprise.com: You’ve shared widely that your father was an early supporter and inspired you to pursue a career in entertainment since childhood. What words of encouragement do you remember the most?

Avery Wilson: I remember singing along with a song on the car radio when I was 8 years old while my dad was driving. He immediately turned the radio off. He said, “Avery you’re going to have to stop all the other pursuits to nurture this talent … a talent you don’t quite know that you have.” Although he had always been supportive of my dancing and other extracurricular activities, it was clear that he wanted to push me to pursue my options as a vocalist. He taught me that hard work and confidence would be the catalysts for my success. And because my dad always showed so much enthusiasm for everything that I did, I always felt comfortable in my own skin.

It’s great that you received support from your family from the very beginning. Even still, you must have had some challenges along the way. What would you say that your greatest challenges have been?

Learning to be open, vulnerable and take risks. Also, gaining the confidence that my dad taught me about as a child. I had to learn how to hold a room with my presence and become a compelling vocalist. That was a process. Although I had a lot of practice singing for family friends, I could not fully appreciate what was required until I was exposed to environments that challenged me completely.

You sing various genres of music. What are your favorites?

I love pop, rock, gospel, R&B and so much more. They each have a unique mechanism that helps me to tap into specific emotions, believe and deliver the core messages embedded within each song.

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