These Stylish Headphones Come With Superior Sound

These Stylish Headphones Come With Superior Sound

These days, headphones have seen an increase in popularity as they’ve experienced a resurgence due to changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. As more people return to work-from-home protocols, they found headphones to come in handy for sitting in on Zoom meetings and other online meeting mediums. With more people remaining home, so have their opportunities to expand their entertainment options with podcasts and television series and movies.

The Multicolor Studio Headphones offer a great value. For a limited time, they’re available for $34.99, a savings of 12% from its MSRP ($39). Despite the low price, sound and quality aren’t sacrificed with these studio headphones, which come in a variety of cool colors. These headphones support all audio devices, such as Bluetooth capability, cellphones, tablets, and computers.

The Bluetooth capability supports both music and phone calls. These headphones have an integrated SD card slot, so you can pack more than enough songs on them to keep you entertained.

Weighing just 0.7 pounds, you’ll never have to worry about headphone fatigue. With them weighing so little, carrying them around won’t be an issue. They’re the perfect pair of cans for travel, as well, as they can be folded to further minimize their profile. They come powered by a battery that can last up to nine hours, giving you more than enough juice to keep you powered on your travels. All that’s needed to charge them is a Micro USB charging cable, which comes included with your purchase.

If you’re looking for quality, functionality and portability, look no further. These headphones – which boasts 90% noise-cancelling technology – are just what you need. With the option to purchase one from a wide range of colors, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that can’t complement you. Take advantage of this limited-time deal today and purchase these high-quality headphones for $34.99.

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