This Company Makes Short Work Of Applying For Life Insurance

This Company Makes Short Work Of Applying For Life Insurance

The prospect of starting and growing a business is, without a doubt, exciting—until you remember that you have other responsibilities to worry about. Budding entrepreneurs are a passionate bunch, but many don’t know the sacrifices building a business entails. Before diving headfirst, it’s of the utmost importance to channel your energy into the right things, like ensuring that your family’s finances are in order. You have to see to it that your loved ones will be taken care of.

The quick solution to this is securing a life insurance policy, but getting one often involves weeks of sales calls, meetings, blood tests, and dealing with agents selling you things that you don’t need. Many shy away from getting insurance because of this very reason, so much so that only 27 percent of American adults have sufficient life insurance coverage.

Life insurance made easy

Life insurance policies get increasingly more costly as you age, so it can be better to lock in a price sooner rather than later. Fabric has devised a way to make short work of applying for life insurance, streamlining the process to just under ten minutes, and you can do it all online.

If you fit the criteria, there’s no need to subject yourself to a long-winding process. No more sales calls, unnecessary medical exams, and meetings with agents. Applicants who qualify from the get-go could go from click to covered in minutes

Technology-driven insurance

To shorten the underwriting process, Fabric utilizes proprietary technology. It has an automated underwriting algorithm that approves a high number of applicants without a medical exam and without charging the high rates of typical no-exam policies. Qualified applicants are free to customize their term length or reduce your coverage amount to arrive at a monthly premium that fits their unique needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re purchasing a 15- or 20-year term or coverage of $100,000 or $1,000,000, Fabric can help ensure you and your family are covered.

Once you’re covered, you can keep tabs on your policy using the app, where you can also organize your finances and create a will—all at no additional cost.

Protect your family. Get started with Fabric.