Three Officers Charged In the Tyre Nichols’ Case Decertified By The Tennessee Training Commission

Three Officers Charged In the Tyre Nichols’ Case Decertified By The Tennessee Training Commission

Three police officers involved in the Tyre Nichols’ case will have no chance of getting another job, thanks to a new ruling.

CNN reports Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, and Justin Smith have officially been decertified by the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission—meaning they will no longer be allowed to work in law enforcement anywhere in the state. The vote came unanimously from the Commission, which is responsible for training and enforcing standards for all local police departments in Tennessee.

Haley, Martin, and Smith have been charged with second-degree murder for brutally beating Nichols in January. Investigators recommended the disgraced officers be decertified. Memphis Police Department investigator Monique Williams told the Commission Haley “was found to be in violation of personal conduct, truthfulness, neglect of duty, excessive unnecessary force, compliance with regulations to with body-worn camera, and information concerning police business.”

Martin and Smith were tagged with similar offenses, adding one more, as they were “found to be in violation of duty to intervene and reporting improper conduct during an internal investigation.” According to The New York Times, decertification was also sought for Dewayne M. Smith, the police lieutenant who retired before being disciplined for his involvement.

A sixth officer, Preston Hemphill, who is white and has not been charged, has not had a hearing scheduled with the Commission.

Legal counsel for the three officers asked the Commission to place their decertification in pending status. After an agreement was met, the Commission says the attorneys must appear in person at the official hearing.

The five Black officers making headlines in the case have all pleaded not guilty despite video capturing images of the officers beating and kicking Nichols, hitting him with a baton, spraying him with pepper spray, and firing a stun gun at Nichols following a traffic stop.