Three Ways to Avoid Office Gossips

Three Ways to Avoid Office Gossips

There is that one co-worker with the personality that will light up a room and they also know everyone’s business. They get the inside scoop of all the changes around the office before they happen and they are also the life of the break room. As you are joining in on the fun you know deep down you need to avoid this person like the plague.

Just as you learned about your co-workers personal business through “Gabby the Gossip,” if you share a word, you know you will be the next topic of discussion with an exaggerated version of your story. You may ask, how do you deal, easy… you don’t. Or you can but very carefully. We all have one and some of us have been burned so here are three tips to steer clear of the drama.

1. Time your listening without feedback. The thing about the gossips is there is some truth just not the whole truth. If cuts are being made, you might want to hear and figure the rest out for yourself. Let’s say you both end up in the break room. Be respectful with light pleasantries then quickly get back to work.

2. Stay focused on your purpose. Where you are right now is setting you up for the next step on your journey. Don’t take it lightly. When you know you purpose and are aligned to guidance from you higher source there is no time to get distracted. Keep your focus.

3. Shut it down. Small minds discuss people and intelligent innovators discuss ideas. Unless the discussion is about a collective congratulations or sympathy card, shut it down. You are honoring and respecting yourself by releasing what you allow in your area and space. Remember what you focus on grows. Positivity, productivity, and purpose should be some of your focus points.

Although it is, at times, easy to get caught up in office gossip, try your best to limit it and set a strong example of integrity and respect for yourself and others. Lead by example.