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Three Ways YOU Can Help Create Jobs

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Tired, ticked off and anxious. That’s the general feeling in America today when it comes to jobs.

Why won’t corporations, which are sitting on $2 trillion in cash and raking in record-breaking profits, hire more people?  Why hasn’t President Obama and the administration instituted the policies to create more jobs?  How can more jobs be created, whose fault is it that one out of six people are out of work, and when are the jobs coming back?

These are questions being asked on every television network and radio show, in break rooms, on blogs, on factory floors, in dining rooms, bedrooms, barber and beauty shops and checkout lines, and from pulpits and parishes all across our country.

But here’s a question: What can we do?  What can you and I do to help create jobs?  “Not much,” may be your initial response; but actually there are at least three steps we can take to contribute to a turnaround.