ThriveDX Partners with OneTen to Drive Economic Prosperity for Black Talent in Cybersecurity

ThriveDX Partners with OneTen to Drive Economic Prosperity for Black Talent in Cybersecurity

ThriveDX, the global leader in cybersecurity and digital skills training, today announced that they have joined forces with OneTen, a coalition designed to close the opportunity gap for Black talent in the United States by working with America’s leading executives, companies and talent developers to hire and advance one million Black individuals without four-year degrees into sustainable roles over ten years.

As an endorsed talent accelerator, ThriveDX joins OneTen’s growing portfolio of leading educators, upskillers and career training providers committed to providing in-demand skills for sought-after jobs at the country’s top employers. This collaboration will open up many potential opportunities to place Black talent into technology and cybersecurity B2B training programs.

As part of OneTen’s network of talent development partners, ThriveDX will join a robust network of leading local, regional, and national education and skill-building organizations that help diverse talent identify, develop, and build the skills needed to land lucrative careers that do not require college degrees. Through this partnership, ThriveDX will be able to connect OneTen employer members with talented, job-ready African American students in ThriveDX-powered programs.

“At ThriveDX, not only is our purpose is to create generational impact, but also to change the face of the global workforce to close the digital skills gap and protect society against the biggest threat the world is seeing – the cybersecurity threat,” said Desiree Young, executive vice president of global partnership & strategic innovation at ThriveDX. “Through collaboration with prestigious organizations like OneTen, we’ll develop more equitable access to opportunity and advancement for the students in ThriveDX-powered programs and help create more sustainable talent pipelines that will allow employees and employers to create a more digitally-safe economy.”

This partnership is more important than ever. The racial wealth gap in America remains vast, largely due to the lack of access to quality, well-paying jobs that do not require college degrees: 79% of jobs paying more than $50,000 require a four-year college degree, which automatically excludes the 76% of Black talent over age 25 with relevant experience who don’t have baccalaureate degrees. In an economy where Black people only own 1.5% of America’s wealth, the alarming racial wealth gap still exists.

“We recognize that an individual with a four-year degree unrelated to technology is no more qualified for a cybersecurity role than another candidate who does not have a bachelor’s degree, but who has done an intensive program in preparation for that exact position,” said Maurice Jones, CEO of OneTen. “In partnering with ThriveDX to upskill more candidates in this burgeoning field, we are enabling Black talent to earn success and enjoy economic opportunity and mobility.”

ThriveDX and OneTen plan to empower and support the need for a diverse workforce through placement of Black talent into jobs that companies sorely need. By addressing unmet business needs, helping candidates find fulfilling employment and allowing more individuals to transition into careers with family-sustaining wages, an inclusive workforce is within reach. For more information about the ThriveDX and OneTen partnership, visit