Thurgood Marshall College Fund Partners with University of Phoenix

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) and the University of Phoenix have formed a partnership geared towards providing HBCU students with greater opportunities for online learning.

With this new alliance, HBCU students will be able to use the University of Phoenix online platform to supplement their on-campus course load with some online courses.

“Using technology to improve educational outcomes is a must today; and we are excited about the opportunity to partner with University of Phoenix on this innovative solution to help HBCUs offer online courses,” said TMCF President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. in a news release. “HBCUs look to TMCF for new opportunities and solutions like this to assist them with building their capacity as they continue to serve the students matriculating on their campuses. This opportunity will give HBCUs access to online learning not previously available.”

Participating HBCU institutions will be able to better help students meet course requirements and remain on track for a timely graduation by providing access to online courses that may be hard to access in an on-campus class. Students who take advantage of these online courses will incur no additional fees and will have access to the educational tools and resources that every University of Phoenix student has including its online library, academic labs and workshops, 24/7 live math tutoring and other services in the university’s online math and writing centers.