Tiffany D. Cross Blindsided and ‘Disheartened’ After Surprise Departure From MSNBC

Tiffany D. Cross Blindsided and ‘Disheartened’ After Surprise Departure From MSNBC

Former MSNBC host Tiffany D. Cross is speaking out following her surprise departure from the network on Friday. Cross was the host of the network’s popular weekend program, The Cross Connection and was surprised to learn from MSNBC that her contract would not be renewed.

Cross responded to the shocking news on Twitter with a statement noting her disappointment on Friday evening.

“I am disheartened to learn of MSNBC’s decision to cancel The Cross Connection, at such a crucial time — four days before the midterm elections. From the beginning, we were intentional about centering communities of color, elevating issues and voices often ignored by the mainstream media, and disrupting the echo chambers,” wrote Cross, adding that the program was the network’s highest-rated weekend show.

“Fresh off the heels of a ‘racial beckoning,’ as so many have called it, we see that with progress there is always backlash,” she wrote. “Now is not the time to retreat to politics or journalism as usual. It is my hope that the last two years at MSNBC have been disruptive and transformative, changing how politics are discussed and making policy more digestible.”

Cross also said that the experience of creating a show that the culture could be proud of “the opportunity of a lifetime.”


Cross’s departure comes less than one month after white supremacist and FOX News pundit Tucker Carlson accused Cross of trying to start a race war. Carlson also accused Cross of being “barely” able to speak in coherent sentences.

“While this journey ended abruptly, surprising many of us, my work is not done,” she continued. “Political violence is increasing and it’s becoming inherently more dangerous to speak the truth. But, after more than 20 years in journalism, I will not stop. The attacks on me from other outlets and former hosts will never control my narrative. Thank you to my community and fans for your overwhelming advocacy and support. Thank you to the more than 4.6 million monthly viewers. And thank you to the team who worked so hard each week. I will forever be grateful. See you soon!”

According to Variety, Cross’s relationship with the network “was becoming frayed” and executives were concerned about her “willingness to address statements made by cable-news hosts on other networks” and “indulging in commentary” that MSNBC executives did not feel met the standards of NBC News or MSNBC.