Tiger Woods And Son Charlie Compete In PNC Championship Together

Tiger Woods And Son Charlie Compete In PNC Championship Together

Professional golfer Tiger Woods and his son Charlie Woods competed together in the PNC Championship in Orlando, Florida on Dec. 17 and Dec. 18, according to ESPN. The golf event was held at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club.

Woods and his 13-year-old son were both limping during the competition on Saturday. Charlie sprained his ankle and his father is still recovering from a foot injury from his car accident in 2021. The proud father said it was worth risking his long-term recovery to play with his son in the championship.

“You know, I don’t really care about that,” he said. “I think being there with and alongside my son is far more important, and to have a chance to have this experience with him is far better than my foot being a little creaky.”

“Any time I get a chance to spend time with my son, it’s always special. And to do it in a competitive forum, the last couple of years have been magical, and to be able to do it again, we’re looking forward to it.”

The father and son played in the first round against Justin Thomas and his father, Mike Thomas, good family friends of the Woods family. Charlie also said he enjoyed the experience.

“It was super fun,” said Charlie. “Just being out there with the Thomases and the Singhs… It was a great time. And the atmosphere was amazing.”

The weekend event marks the third time the father and son have played in the PNA championship together. The duo finished in second place in 2021. The 46-year-old and his son first entered the competition back in 2020 and came in seventh place. Woods and his son finished in eighth place on Sunday. Vijay Singh and son, Qass Singh were the champions.

Due to his injury, Woods hasn’t committed to a schedule for 2023 and said he sleeps with a protective boot on his foot as he heals.

“I’m doing everything. It’s frustrating because each and every day I have to do it, and then on top of that it’s trying to sleep in the d— boot, it’s no fun,” he said. “My left leg is bleeding sometimes because the boot hits it. It’s just annoying. It’s one of those things that, hey, I’m grateful to have this limb and it’s mine. It’s not some fake limb; it’s mine. And, yes, there are some issues with it, but I still have it.”

Woods said he will continue healing his foot beginning on Monday and doesn’t plan to play again until the Masters next April.