Former Girlfriend of Tiger Woods, Erica Herman Files $30M Lawsuit and Requests to Break Non-Disclosure Agreement

Hall of Fame golfer, Tiger Woods is back in the news but it’s not related to his playing.

According to USA Today, Woods is being taken to court, in theory, by his former girlfriend after he allegedly locked her out of the mansion she shared with him when they were together. Erica Herman has filed a $30 million lawsuit due to an alleged “oral tenancy agreement” between the former couple.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Florida, states that Woods supposedly locked her out of the property after he broke up with her in October 2022. But, she is filing the legal paperwork against a homestead trust he handles in Hobe Sound, Florida. The house is located on the Treasure Coast, according to court records received by USA Today Sports.

She is asserting damages of more than $30 million while accusing the trust and its agents of misappropriating $40,000 cash that belonged to her. She is stating that they are making “scurrilous and defamatory allegations (about) how she obtained the money.”

In the lawsuit, she writes that she had an “oral tenancy agreement” to remain there at the residence for five additional years after being in effect for six years before the couple broke up.

“The duties that were performed by, and expected of, Plaintiff were extensive and of an extraordinary nature in light of the overall circumstances and environment in which she lived,” the filing stated.

“Plaintiff has continually demanded to be allowed back into her home, but Defendant’s agents have refused,” Herman states in the lawsuit.

The response by the trust states that Woods established it in 2017. The potential beneficiaries are Woods and his two children as the only asset is its ownership interest in this residence.

“Ms. Herman was invited to live in the Residence while she was in a relationship with her former boyfriend, Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, who continues to live in the Residence with his two children,” said a document filed in court by the trust. “After Mr. Woods recently terminated the relationship, Ms. Herman was advised that she was no longer welcome in the Residence.”

Herman also has another issue with the breakup with the golf champion.

In a separate complaint this week, she is also suing Woods and made a request that the court releases her from her non-disclosure agreement that she signed with Woods in 2017. She is alluding to being involved in either a sexual assault or harassment.

She claims that the non-disclosure agreement is not enforceable under the federal Speak Out Act, which prohibits the judicial enforceability of such agreements in disputes involving sexual assault or harassment.