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TikToker Raises Over $250K For Homeless Cancer Patient, ‘Help Me Help Him’

A TikToker has gone viral after meeting a homeless cancer patient and becoming his "angel" with her genuine acts of service.

A TikToker has gone viral after meeting a homeless cancer patient and becoming his “angel” with her genuine acts of service.

A DC-based college student by the name of Sanai Graden became a viral sensation in less than 24 hours after vlogging her experience with a homeless man diagnosed with prostate cancer. In a nearly four-minute video shared on Thursday, February 1, Graden showed how she was on her way to buy groceries from Trader Joe’s when the man walked up to her and asked if she could buy him a cup of hot tea.

“I’m walking to Trader Joe’s. Want to walk with me?” she asked the man.

The California native proceeded to vlog her time with the man, which included a trip to CVS to purchase medicine for him and the visible pain he was in.

“He just got insurance yesterday, but it takes 45 days for his insurance to be active so I told him ‘I’m just going to pay for it,” she explained.


Please help me help him !

♬ original sound – Nai

After getting medicine for her new “Unc,” Graden took him to Starbucks and bought him a large green tea. But her kind efforts didn’t stop there. The young scholar was on a mission to get the correct medicine the man needed to relieve his pain, which wasn’t at the initial CVS they went to.

Graden walked to another CVS without the man because he was in too much pain to walk. She was successful in obtaining the prescription and walked back to the man to give it to him.

She continued her acts of kindness by getting the man a hotel room for the night. Graden then asked him what type of cancer he has, which he reveals is prostate cancer.

From there, the connection had already been made and Graden became dedicated to making sure her new “Unc” got the help he needed. In her post, she asked for her followers to “help me help him!” and they most certainly did.

Graden followed up with another video informing TikTok of the GoFundMe campaign she started to raise money for the homeless man she identified as “Alonzo.”

“I’m grateful I have this platform to change someone’s life with your guy’s help. I’m planning to use the funds to make sure he has a place to live, new clothes, shoes, a bank account, doctor’s appointments, a phone, etc,” she wrote. “I will be documenting the rest of this on my Tiktok if you are interested but Thank you so much for Donating.”

By Friday morning, Graden shared a video seated alongside Alonzo where he opened up about how “lonely” he’s been and he laid down and asked God “Could you bring my little angel back to me.” The college student went on to let him know that she had already raised over $150,000 for him by the time of the recording, which Alonzo told her “It’s ours.”


I know you’ve all been waiting on his reaction. I just made it home. Please enjoy it. Thank you everyone for coming together. This would not have been possible without the endless support. This is just the beginning of something great. I’m enternally grateful. God did that !!!

♬ original sound – Nai

Graden will continue documenting Alonzo’s journey. Her latest video showed her taking him shopping for a phone and new clothes. Next up will likely be a place to lay his head every day.

The USC Berkley student continues to express her gratitude for the good deed and support she’s receiving for her efforts. One video shows her crying tears of joy while her mother praises her for her genuine kindness to someone in need.

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