Timbaland Invests in New Tech Company That Lets You “Feel” Sound

Timbaland Invests in New Tech Company That Lets You “Feel” Sound

Entertainer and music producer Timbaland has partnered with Google co-founder and Android creator Andy Rubin to back a new tech startup, SubPac.

SubPac’s team describes its technology as “immersive physical-sound technology that brings music to life, expanding beyond an audio concept to a full-body experience.”

What does that mean? Well, through the use of two pieces of hardware: the SubPac M2, a wearable vest, and the SubPac S2, a seatback device, users can actually “feel” sound throughout their body.

Artists who back the project, including Timbaland, veteran DJ, Richie Hawtin, Dada Life, and NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, claim that SubPac creates a new form of expression for musicians and sound designers to connect with their fans on a deeper level by using innovative technology that allows consumers to physically feel sound.

“SubPac is a game-changing experience for both artists and fans,” said Timbaland. “It lets you feel the music like never before. It’s the feeling that’s been missing, until now.”

“SubPac opened my eyes to the power of physical sound. It will absolutely change the way people experience music, VR, and cinema,” said Andy Rubin, founder and CEO, Playground Global.

SubPac is not only for music. The developers are also suggesting it as a way to enhance gaming and virtual reality because it can add a dimension of sound to gaming and VR to make both experiences immersive.

The company just secured $6 million in Series A funding. The founders are thrilled to have the support of Timbaland and Rubin.

“Andy Rubin and Timbaland are two of the finest creative minds on the planet,” said John Alexiou, co-founder and CEO of SubPac. “They have both moved culture in significant ways, and will play leading roles in SubPac’s mission to bring the feeling of music and  sound to the world.”

SubPac is currently available on TheSubPac.com with the SubPac M2 retailing for $349 and SubPac S2 for $299.