How to Make the Most of Your Down Time

Time Management: Making the Most of Your Down Time

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Maybe you don’t have any urgent deadlines or any prospective business opportunities. If you’re self-employed there may be a point where business is slow. Instead of using this time to take a breather and kick back, Brazen Careerist offers four ways to make this time more constructive.

1. Build your network.
Now’s your chance to go to events, seminars and meetups you might have otherwise missed. It’s not about fishing for clients; it’s about making the most of your professional community. Fellow members of an association or social group can offer support in good times and bad, and you might feel energized just by talking with other self-employed people. Remember to take a few business cards along in case an opportunity for work or collaboration appears.

Don’t worry about restricting yourself to outings tied to your business. Take this chance to catch up with friends over coffee, too. If a museum exhibit or guided nature walk will boost your outlook, take advantage of the time to explore.

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