Never Out of Style: 8 Old-School Business Practices That Rock

Never Out of Style: 8 Old-School Business Practices That Rock

Many traditional practices have fallen by the wayside to make way for innovation. It is an inevitable part of the process if success is expected. Although there are constant changes within the business world, a few tried and true practices can be used in different industries. Jeff Haden, an Inc writer, outlines eight principles that never go out of style.

Look past the messenger and focus on the message. There are undeniable people who are masters and innovators of their industries. That doesn’t always mean they are right about everything. Use your judgement and don’t always take the advice at face value.

Focus on collecting knowledge … Knowledge is power and a gateway to more opportunities. Having a varied set of skills will not only make you more marketable, but successful as well.

… But focus more on collecting knowledgeable people. You will never know everything, but you will undoubtedly have people in your life who have different skills and knowledge that will be an asset to you. Constantly strive to expand and grow these relationships.

Give before receiving. Don’t focus on self. Although you would like to benefit from your relationships focus on what you can do for that person first. This is good to keep in mind professionally and personally.

Always work on next. Foresight is an important part of getting and staying ahead. Plan ahead and explore different possibilities.

Eat as many of your words as you can. You will make mistakes, it is an inevitable part of life, and your career. Try not to believe your own hype and own up to and learn from your failures.

Turn ideas into actions. Without action what is an idea? Something that you wish you had done. An unfulfilled dream.

Learn about squirrel nests. Take some time to smell the roses and discover something new. It doesn’t pay to be completely engrossed because it leaves no room for growth or rejuvenation.

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