Boss from Hell? Learn How to ‘Manage Up’

Boss from Hell? Learn How to ‘Manage Up’

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Studies show that a majority of U.S. workers are dissatisfied at work and are unhappy on the job. Oftentimes, the boss from hell is the catalyst for their attitudes, with the stress of meeting demands in toxic work environments leading to inappropriate and unprofessional behaviors that negatively impact productivity.

But what’s the solution? Sometimes you can’t just quit, and oftentimes you have to find the lesson in going through challenges. Well, one such solution is “managing up.” Check out these tips on how to do that:

Become the go-to person on your team. Bad managers are often hard to find around the office. If you’re looking for a good leader, you’re more likely to find them with their sleeves rolled up, leading their team. A bad leader will be holed away and hard to get in touch with.

Be the opposite. Become the go-to person in the absence of your boss. When other departments call, be on hand to help. Get to know people around the business. You’ll notice two things: people’s perception of you will strengthen, and you’ll become the go-to person for your boss, who will start to rely on you. Perfect!

Work with different departments. In larger businesses, there are often inter-departmental projects going on, and it’s highly unlikely your boss is involved. Offer yourself as a department champion.

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