4 Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit the Job You Think You Hate

4 Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit the Job You Think You Hate

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Oftentimes, sacrifice is the name of the game, especially when it comes to career advancement and positioning. Even the best of the best leaders and CEOs have had to bite the bullet at one point in their careers, enduring short-term struggles and discomfort for the long-term gains.

If you’re frustrated with your current professional position or job, here are four good reasons to stick it out:

Grit: It seems like the logical thing to do when you’re not happy somewhere is to leave, right? However, in a TED Talk, Angela Duckworth, a psychologist who studies achievement, attributes success to a trait she calls grit. She defined grit as passion and persistence for very long-term goals, having stamina, sticking with your future day-in-and-day-out–not just for the week or month, but for years, and working really hard to making that future a reality.

Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It is being able to persevere in situations that are less than ideal on the path to success. A big part of grit is being able to stick with a job you hate. In most cases if you’re not happy, I think it is a good idea to find a way out. However, when it comes to careers, I believe that patience is a virtue. In most situations, you’ll find that you have more to gain by sticking through it than quitting.

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