14 Ways To Keep Your Cool During a Job Interview

14 Ways To Keep Your Cool During a Job Interview

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Your body can react different ways under pressure. Sometimes being nervous, afraid, or scared will manifest itself when you need to portray feelings of the exact opposite. Take a job interview for example. Who actually goes in there with complete confidence? Your hand is shaking, you may be sweating a bit, and you can only hope that you won’t stumble, or rush your words when you are spoken to. It’s a common reaction, but one that you can have more control over. Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes highlights ways you can stay calm at an interview:

Be prepared. Create a checklist of things you will need to do before your interview. What do you need to do to make the best first impression?

Plan. Have you done your research on the company? Do you have questions prepared?

Rehearse. Practice interviewing with someone and go over tentative responses.

Arrive early and relax. There is nothing worse then running late when you are making a first impression. It will lead to unnecessary anxiety, so scout out the location ahead of time and get there early.

Think positively and be confident. Envision the outcome you would like. Think of it as a form of meditation.

Breathe and take your time. It’s not a race, so taking your time will keep you relaxed and focused.

Accept the fact that mistakes will happen. Mistakes are apart of life and you can’t plan for all eventualities. Roll with the punches and learn from them.

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