Why You Aren’t Having Job-Seeking Success

Why You Aren’t Having Job-Seeking Success

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Excuses. Excuses. Some of the laments of job seekers seem like just that. From ‘It’s the economy’ to ‘Nobody will hire me,’ unemployed hopefuls who haven’t found a gig have become frustrated, with some wanting to give up.

But giving up isn’t the answer — or an option. Maybe you just need to refresh your attitude and your approach.

Brazen Careerist offers insight on why you may not be getting far in your search and how you can change that:

You have a negative attitude or lack of confidence: The job search is frustrating, tiring, degrading and a whole other slew of negative adjectives. It’s important to not let the search eat away at you and ruin your outlook. So much of the job search can be related to your composure and attitude, so it’s essential to stay positive.

In fact, your attitude is the only part of the job search that you can control. A positive attitude usually generates a level of confidence that can be gauged in applications, emails, online and, most importantly, in an interview. Do whatever it takes to stay positive and confident.

Your online presence is non-existent (or vulgar): Social recruiting is on the rise this year, with more than 80 percent of job openings being recruited for online. Dozens of companies are now launching tools to help recruiters search for job candidates through social media.

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