3 Valuable Reasons Soft Skills Can Trump Experience

3 Valuable Reasons Soft Skills Can Trump Experience

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So you’re a great listener, highly motivated, extremely organized or good at rallying a team together. You have a gift with words, a knack for communication and a way with a crowd. You work great under pressure, have confidence even in challenging times and you’re able to inspire others to keep it moving.

These are all soft skills, and they can sometimes be more valuable than just having on-the-job experience. Combining soft skills with tasks you’re trained to complete makes for a great leader.

Writer Levo League talks a bit about how to do just that, leveraging and strengthening soft skills to find ultimate success:

1. You don’t need to be the expert in something to succeed. Rather, all you need to bring with you are your great personality, motivation to learn and confidence. Allow yourself to ask questions, learn from others and research as much as possible; combined with your soft skills, this will enable you to become an amazing asset to any company or industry you work in.

2. Experience alone is not necessarily an indicator of success. How many times have you known someone who has extensive knowledge and experience but has little personality and levels of engagement and is on a stagnant career path? Personally, I can name many.

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