Managament Material: 5 Habits Keeping You From Your Promotion

Managament Material: 5 Habits Keeping You From Your Promotion

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Being in management takes more than just hard work and dedication. It also requires the person holding that position to possess qualities that are oftentimes unique in the workplace. While a management position consists of many perks, there are several challenges that come along with the job and below are five habits that you should evaluate before going for that management position:

Inconsistency: You’re late every now and then. Your rate of success on projects is unpredictable. You follow through maybe six times out of ten. Good managers often show consistent results and are able to show and prove more often than they drop the ball. They have a solid reputation in that whatever they touch typically turns to gold.

Hesitates to speak up: Management is a leadership position that often times requires you to speak on behalf of your team. As a manager, you must be able to articulate your ideas, thoughts and team opinions in an effective manner even if it is in disagreement with everyone else. Therefore, anyone who is shy and afraid to voice their opinions or the collective opinion of others is likely not the right person to hold a managerial title.

Pays little to no attention to detail: With the task of overseeing others, it’s imperative for managers to pay close attention to the work that is being conducted around them. It’s a managers duty to make sure that the people working under him/her are effectively doing their job because any mistake they make will fall back on the manager in charge.

Lacks ability to multitask: The ability to work on multiple things at once without complaining about being overwhelmed is one of the key components to being a manager. From completing your personal work duties to making sure the work duties of others is done correctly, a manager is constantly working on several things at a time.

Not good with conflict resolution: When co-workers have a conflict amongst each other or with the customers of the company, the manager is usually the go-to person to help resolve the situation. Managers are required to take all parties opinions into consideration and make an executive decision that is best for the circumstance, and thus anyone who hates answering to a problem is likely not suitable for management.