Management Mojo: How To Best Maximize Your Team’s Talents

Management Mojo: How To Best Maximize Your Team’s Talents

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In the hierarchy of a business, there’s always going to be someone looking over your shoulder to make sure the bottom line is reached. Everyone is accountable to someone in the grand scheme of things, and there’s a fine line that exists between an employee and their boss.

Being a manager or supervisor can put you in an awkward position. You have pressure from your managers for results, and the duty of acquiring them from your subordinates. This job requires finesse, balance, and a basic understanding of people and their personalities. It is not always easy to achieve these concepts and there will be a lot of trial and error before it can be perfected.

Many employers will make the mistake of treating their employees like children, micro-managing and regulating their time. The coddling and constant checking in makes it seem as if you don’t trust them as a responsible adult. Suzanne Lucas, a seasoned HR professional, says treating employees like children could negatively effect productivity.

She offers the following advice:

  • You want the best results for your business, so let your employees have the flexibility to work the way they work best. Not the way you work best.
  • You should be looking at results and not monitoring minute-by-minute productivity. When a problem is happening with the result, you deal with that.
  • Essentially everyone works differently, and they must be able to work their way to help achieve the bottom line. If you want someone to conform to your ways it may be easier to make a clone.