Military Boss Moves: 5 Smart Job-Seeking Tasks to Do While Deployed

Military Boss Moves: 5 Smart Job-Seeking Tasks to Do While Deployed

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Many servicemen and women commit their lives to their jobs as military personnel in their respective branches. But what about when duty is over and it’s time for civilian life? Well, you can prep for life after service while still deployed. Brazen Careerist offers some tips on what you should do now to be ready for the future:

Find out what’s heating up—and what’s slowing down. You’re returning to a market flooded with qualified candidates across many industries. Be realistic about your chances to be noticed.

More specialized skills will help you stand above the rest. A budget analyst is a dime a dozen—but a budget analyst who speaks Pashto is a rare find!

Beware the G.I. Bill hustle. The G.I. Bill was intended to give back to returning troops who have already given so much of themselves to our nation. Unfortunately, veterans with G.I. Bill funds are the target of many scams meant to cheat them out of this great benefit.

As soon as you touch down, you’ll be presented with countless degree programs and job placement companies. Some employers will promise to train you for a non-existent position in exchange for part of your G.I. Bill. Don’t fall for this or other scams. Do research before you sign up for any program post-deployment.

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