Celeb Status: 5 Winning Ways to Connect with VIPs and Celebrities

Celeb Status: 5 Winning Ways to Connect with VIPs and Celebrities

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Trying to connect with celebs and VIPs is a very difficult goal to achieve for the average person. Think about it: Many of these power players travel from city to city and become inundated with business proposals and requests.

Unfortunately, most young professionals fail to make power connections because they don’t realize there are certain networking strategies that must be utilized to make power connections.

To help you develop a dynamic power connections game plan, I turned to a notable celebrity publicist, Love Logan, for her expert tips on how to gain exclusive access to power players. Logan started a public relations firm, Logan Productions, in her early 20s. She has been able to make amazing breakthroughs, building up a celebrity client list including hip-hop artist Foxy Brown Music Artist, actor Lance Gross (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne), and entertainment mogul Qadree El-Amin.

For the first time ever, Logan reveals some of her priceless networking strategies and secrets for connecting with celebs and VIPs:

Power Connection Tip #1:

Attend events and beat the crowd: Power connections are mostly made in person. As a result, you have to attend events where your desired power players are appearing. It’s important for you to do your homework to determine when they will be in your area. Make sure you have a calculated and strategic approach for beating the crowd at the events. Plan to very arrive early and leave late so you will have time to make adjustments to your strategy if it’s needed. Ideally you want to put yourself in a position where you can have special access to the celeb or VIP before other people begin to bombard them.

Power Connection Tip #2:

Look and speak like a highly successful person: Be mindful that typically you will only have about 60 seconds or less to make a connection and demonstrate your credibility. Therefore, you have to make an impactful first impression! It’s vital that you effectively convey your value. You must be able to quickly and concisely prove how you’re the best at what you do. When you gain access to the celeb or VIP always be respectful and never try to monopolize their time.

Power Connection Tip #3:

Do your research and offer your help: The average person who approaches moguls make the big mistake of asking them for something without offering anything in return. However, you must determine what you can offer them in hopes of developing a professional relationship that’s mutually beneficial. Many power players are affiliated with some type of community based or charitable organization. Offer your time and resources to them as an unpaid volunteer or intern to help expand their platform and mission. Most importantly, make sure that you are honest and can indeed hold down your end of the bargain.

Power Connection Tip #4:

Connect with the supporting cast: In many instances you will be more successful if you attempt to make a connection with the star players’ supporting cast. Equip yourself with a resume or cover letter that is specifically customized for the star player and give it to one of the team members. If you’re friendly and professional with them they can get you immediate access to the celeb or VIP. Lastly, get their business card so you can follow-up and begin developing the business relationship.

Power Connection Tip #5:

Have patience and expand your options: To be highly successful in your career you must diversify your network. You have to make “power connections” with multiple key players. You must be very persistent and realize that it will often take many attempts to make strong connections overtime.

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Antoine Moss, Ph.D., (@2PositiveTweets) is a nationally recognized resource on internships, early career achievement, leadership and motivation. CEO and founder of CEO Style Consulting L.L.C., Moss empowers professionals and organizations to reach their full potential, and serves as speaker, workshop instructor and consultant. The author of Learn to Intern CEO Style, Moss has been a featured expert on outlets including Fox 8 TV News and George Fraser’s 2011 Power Networking Conference.