10 Steps to Boost Your Online Popularity

10 Steps to Boost Your Online Popularity

It’s not always easy to make connections with people you don’t know. When networking, it can be challenging to spark a conversation out of the blue, and that is with someone who is right in front of you. How do you create relationships with someone you don’t know online?  If you are trying to build a presence online it can be especially difficult to gain support from someone randomly. If you are building your brand and find yourself facing a roadblock, Brazen Careerist has some tips for you.

1. Mention a follower and link to their work on Twitter.

2. Share a friend’s link, photo or event on Facebook.

3. Add a review for a book you just read to Goodreads and/or Amazon. Find the author’s Twitter handle and include it in a tweet that lets your followers know your rating.

4. Take a picture of the awesome arts or crafts you buy on Etsy and pin them to your boards on Pinterest wwwwith a link back to the artist’s store.

5. If you’re a writer with the right connections, give local artists press in your local publications or online. Remember to send them a quick email or Facebook message to let them know about it in case it escapes their Google alerts.

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