Recruiters: How to Deal with Job Candidate Rejection

Recruiters: How to Deal with Job Candidate Rejection

When searching for a job, trying to fill a position as a recruiter or a candidate, it is important to remember that rejection is part of the game. There will be moments when you feel disheartened and overwhelmed because none of the factors add up: the candidate is underqualified or overqualified, or the salary isn’t adequate. Not being able to seal the deal can be both frustrating and bad for your bottom line. Well, Brazen Careerist offers ways to accept rejection in recruiting and turn into a valuable learning lesson:

1. Give up some control. Over the years, I’ve learned that you can’t control other people. You can do your best to influence them, but you can’t control them. As cliche as it sounds, sometimes things happen for a reason and you just have to move on.

2. Grow a thick skin. Chances are you will be tested. Hiring managers will disagree with your recommendations. Candidates will upset you, try your patience, lie to your face and disappoint you.

Then one day, you’ll realize that people say and do crazy things, and you’ll stop being surprised by this and be able to do your job well in spite of it.

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