17 Wacky—But Winning—Steps to Success

17 Wacky—But Winning—Steps to Success

Sometimes to be successful you have to go against the grain. There are activities, practices, or ideas that seem unconventional, but are effective in leading to major wins. Forbes contributor Jason Nazar compiled a list, based on his experiences, of counterproductive things that successful people do. He goes into the perceived reasoning for their practices and why it would be productive for the business:

Underestimate demand. When working with customers make no assumptions. You are never sure who wants what you are offering. Keep the hustlers spirit. There is nothing worse than someone who buys into their own hype and no longer puts in work.

Abstain from work. Nazar only suggests doing this when someone else is capable of handling something smaller. It is not necessary to have a finger in every pie. Take on an entire project that requires your expertise.

Play possum. You never want to have all your cards on the table especially when dealing with your competitors.

Expect nothing. You may give a helping hand to several people, it is not compulsory for them to help you in return. You will receive your reward in other unexpected ways.

Seek out rejection. Nazar believes you should know what it is to feel rejection. Put yourself in situations where you know you will not succeed. It will help you deal with your fear and control your reactions.

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