Hustle Hard: 3 Career Boss Moves You Could Learn from Start-Ups

Hustle Hard: 3 Career Boss Moves You Could Learn from Start-Ups

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If you’ve been at a position for an extended amount of time, chances are at some point it’s become monotonous. It becomes harder to stay motivated when you’re doing the same work everyday.

If you’re really feeling the grind, you may be suffering from workplace boredom. Symptoms of this could be procrastination, which manifests itself into time-wasting habits like leisurely surfing the Web during business hours and taking long lunch breaks.

To be a more effective employee, it’s essential to find ways to remain interested in your work, honing in on the ambition you possessed when you first accepted the position. If you really want to excel, treat your job as if you’re running your own business. Brazen Careerist offers tips to keep you motivated on the job, and three things you can learn from the hustle of a startup entrepreneur:

1. Who’s your team?
In the startup world, the quality of your team matters most. Average teams do average work–no matter how amazing the idea they’re working on.

At your job, look around you. Who do you work with on a daily basis? Who do you go to when you need to take on a big project?

If you’re not sure, cast a wider net. Where are the people at your company who can help you do the type of work you want to do?

Find those people. Connect with them. Make time for them. You’re going to need a great team to do great work.

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