4 Money-Smart Employment Options for the Summer

4 Money-Smart Employment Options for the Summer

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Sometimes, traditional work just doesn’t cut it alone. And as the weather gets warmer, you’ll want to have more money in your pocket for that dream apartment, vacation or future cold-weather plans. Brazen Careerist offers four lucrative options for employment this summer:

Hourly work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average hourly earnings have actually increased over the past year. That means employers are not only hiring hourly workers, but these workers’ earnings are increasing.

Hourly work comes in all shapes and sizes, too. Maybe you want to earn some extra bucks as an event coordinator. Perhaps you want to work retail or even serve on the side. Well, with hourly work, you may be able to try out whatever you want. Plus, if your hourly gig goes well, there’s a chance it might turn into a full-time position. Who can argue with that?

Tip: There’s nothing wrong with trying out multiple hourly gigs! As long as they don’t conflict, either personally or professionally, give a few hourly jobs a try. You can use the experience to find out what you like and what you’d rather not pursue.

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