What a Snore: How to Fight Off Severe Case of Workplace Boredom

What a Snore: How to Fight Off Severe Case of Workplace Boredom

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Have you ever gazed at your computer so long that the screen saver pops up? Are you constantly checking the clock until quitting time? Surfing the Web for stuff nowhere near related to work? You may have a severe case of boredom. It can plague employees of all ages but can be exceptionally brutal for Gen Yers.

According to a Gallup study, 68% of young employees (ages 18-29) are bored out of their minds at work. Being bored at work is dangerous resulting in procrastination, lack of productivity and early feelings of professional stifling. Here are 4 tips on how to make your work day that much more fun:

Do your most boring thing in the morning. When you complete your most undesired tasks at the beginning of the day, it will leave the rest of it open for more enjoyable—or at least more tolerable—projects. It will also save you the hours of dreading the boring stuff, thus kicking procrastination in the butt. Aside from putting you in a better mood, this will give you more time to socialize with coworkers and take on some initiative.

Participate in other work-related activities you’re passionate about. Work can be more fun when you participate in non-essential events. Find out what other programs your company offers that you can get involved in. Volunteer for a community outreach program or extracurricular activity. This will get you more engaged at work, give you something to look forward to and will help you meet other coworkers that you probably wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise.

Get out. When boredom begins to creep up on you, fight back by taking a power break. Leave the office for lunch. According to a American Dietetic Association survey, 75% of office workers eat lunch at their desks as often as two or three times a week. While we’ve all been guilty of stuffing our faces while typing a memo or sending an e-mail, leaving the office for lunch (whether you buy or brown bag) is a great way to socialize with coworkers and recharge.

Help someone else— and yourself. Chances are, while you’re sitting at your desk bored as the day is long, someone else in your office is going crazy with too much work. Offering a helping a hand will break the monotony of your day. This could not only help build a good relationship between you and a colleague, but diversify your skills and boost your visibility for top projects at your company.

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